About the Center

The Center for Global Health (CGH) is a new interdisciplinary center at the University of Oregon (UO) that supports a wide range of scientific, educational, and service-oriented initiatives designed to understand and ameliorate the world’s most challenging health and social problems.

COVID-19 Updates 


The UO Student Corps to Combat Coronavirus, or Corona Corps for short, started supporting Lane County Public Health’s contact tracing efforts July 1 after being rapidly developed through a partnership with the UO’s Center for Global Health and University Health Services. Learn more about the project in Around the O.





COVID-19 has changed our world and the University of Oregon has been at the forefront of research, media outreach, and teaching adaptations. The Center for Global Health has been hard at work responding to how the global pandemic is affecting our lives. Learn about the various ways the Center for Global Health Co-Directors have been responding to COVID-19.





Efforts & Projects

Global Health Minor

This minor is designed for students interested in gaining focused curricular concentration and experience in global public health. Courses expose students to critical social and historical perspectives in global health, as well as to human physiological and developmental processes in comparative, cross-cultural, and international perspectives.

Sugar and Tension Lecture

Follow this link to watch Dr. Lesley Jo Weaver talk about her new book Sugar and Tension: Diabetes and Gender in Modern India. Her work explores women’s self-care and how caring for chronic conditions are at odds with the existing framework of biomedical models.

Prevention Science Graduate Program

The UO offers three graduate degrees Ph.D., M.S., and M.Ed. in Prevention Science. Students will be trained in lifespan development, biobehavioral health, intervention design and evaluation, and multicultural and global contexts. These programs have a specific emphasis on understanding and helping under-served individuals and families in the US and globally.

Hone Your Global Health Experience

While we might not be able to go aboard right now, the Center for Global Health has developed interactive and immersive remote intercultural experiences. Learn more about these new opportunities!

Through individual and group projects centered on student’s choice of geographic area, we will explore many of the same facets of life to which students would be exposed through a more traditional study, internship or work abroad experience.  Areas of inquiry may include: media and current events; NGOs, development, and global health; religion; education, food, and social life; and film, art, and literature; among other topics. Students will work individually or in groups to produce a final synthetic product that represents their research and immersion over the course. 

INTL 410/510 Global Cultures I: Experiential Learning

INTL 410/510 Global Cultures II: Project Based Learning

GlobalWorks Internship: Virtual Internships 

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